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Maestro puts you on the road to success

Maestro simplifies communication between fleets, services providers and Michelin by digitizing it all so everything you need is within your reach.

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Strengthen your customer relationships with Maestro


As a service provider, imagine being able to improve operational productivity by reducing billing and invoice errors, eliminating the need for hard copies, rekeying for technician notes, credit lookups, invoice reconciliation and boosting service turnaround time. All while enhancing profitability by leveraging an end-to-end business solution.


How can Maestro help your business grow ?

Maestro enables Service Providers to easily connect and collaborate with Fleets via a platform that allows real-time transparency and visibility.

This insightful intelligence gives Service Providers, like you, the ability to easily connect and collaborate on a platform with real-time visibility.


With this intel, you will be empowered to make strategic and accurate business decisions that provide real-time streamlined communication, stronger customer relationships, and additional service opportunities.

With the capabilities offered through the Maestro platform, you can reduce administrative costs and increase the number of trucks that can be serviced making doing business easier than ever.