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Maestro put you in the Driver's seat

Maestro clears the chaotic pathway fleets must navigate on a daily basis with a seamless end-to-end solution that transforms the way fleets request services and products by digitizing the process.

Fleet services

Your trucks: on the road faster. Your customers: happier.

Maestro eliminates delays and surprises, removing the obstacles and distractions often encountered when managing service requests. We offer a simple, straightforward approach by housing customer profiles, customized services and preference information all in one place.


Accidents involving fleets due to distracted driving.


Year-over-year driver turnover rate for large fleets.


New drivers that will be needed each year to keep up with the demand.

Maestro for Fleets

What is Maestro

Maestro is a business management platform that will steer transformation by improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability in our industry.

And that should be music to your ears. Like a maestro conducting an orchestra, our new software platform makes it possible for fleets, service providers, and Michelin to easily work in sync with each other.

How can Maestro help you ?

Our industry still uses a business management process that creates time-consuming manual work. By subscribing to Maestro, fleets and service providers will be able to easily connect and collaborate on a platform.

Ultimately, customers will have the ability to better manage vehicle downtime while providing value, as they are able to regain control to improve their business.

Fleet services

Your trucks : On the road faster.

Your customers : Happier


Maestro centralizes all your operations, offers and services like Mechanical Care or Light Mechanical Trailer Service, ONCall for Emergency Roadside Service and easy tires and retread orders in one place. With Maestro, you'll have better visibility, more accurate information and faster response times, so planning and scheduling service work is more efficient. Get your trucks back on the road faster and deliver to your customers on-time. Always. 



Why is Maestro right for your business?


When scheduling maintenance and service work, it is often difficult to optimize planning and maintain control because there are so many moving parts. With Maestro, Fleets have even more control over their day-to-day operations, helping you maximize uptime and get your trucks back on the road quickly.


  • A simple, digital way to request¬†service
  • Streamlined internal and external communications
  • Billing and data entry accuracy with PO and invoice matching prior to¬†billing
  • Digitized PO and invoicing to maximize¬†efficiencies
  • Better asset visibility to help optimize load¬†planning
Service Offers
MICHELIN¬ģ Mechanical Care

Outsourcing trailer maintenance is complicated but¬†MICHELIN¬ģ¬†Mechanical Care can make it easier.

MICHELIN¬ģ¬†Mechanical Care gives you the ability to combine and outsource all your trailer tire and mechanical maintenance needs, leveraging the MICHELIN¬ģ¬†Commercial Service Network you already¬†trust.


Discover your end-to-end solution for breakdowns. 

Managing breakdowns can often feel like a test of faith, but with¬†MICHELIN¬ģ ONCALL, you'll have a peace of mind on the road and fight downtime with reliable service.¬†¬†

Frequently Asked Questions




  • Maestro Service App
    • Designed for service technicians to use, via their mobile device, to digitize the recording of any service work currently done via¬†paper
  • Maestro Fleet Order
    • Developed to create a seamless process for service providers and fleets to submit orders for tires and¬†retreads


  • MICHELIN¬ģ¬†Mechanical Care
    • Scheduled Trailer Light Mechanical Service
  • MICHELIN¬ģ¬†ONCall
    • Emergency Tire Roadside Assistance

The rollout for Maestro is well underway. Here is what is coming and when:

  • Complete:
    • Maestro Service App
    • MICHELIN¬ģ¬†Mechanical Care
    • Maestro Fleet Order
  • Coming Soon:
    • Inventory Visibility > 1H'21

Contact a Maestro consultant via email at maestro@michelin.com, and let's start a conversation about implementing Maestro as your business management platform. You can also contact your local Michelin representative as well.

Setup time depends on the needs of each business and can range from 1-4 weeks. Once Maestro is implemented, Michelin will provide an in-person training session as well as access to web-based training for all users. After that, the service order management process, as you know it will never be the same.

Contact a Michelin consultant at maestro@michelin.com to set up an assessment for your business and find the model that's right for your business and locations.

Maestro was created to simplify workflow. But like any new software tool, you may have questions. Just reach out to our tech support at maestro@michelin.com to answer your questions. Our support team will respond in a timely manner.

Rest assured that if the internet access at your business location goes down, Maestro's system will not be compromised. So, the next time you log on, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off. It's all part of making workflow work better.